OptoLyzer® Studio Professional

The Universal Multi-Bus Network Development Tool
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The OptoLyzer Studio Professional Edition is a comprehensive test tool for automotive devices and systems which integrates all analysis and verification features of the OptoLyzer Studio Foundation. Besides this it includes a test framework as well as a code generator for the addition of custom test/simulation code. The software is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio® and makes the debugging capabilities and productivity enhancements of Visual Studio available for automotive developments.

Typical main use cases of OptoLyzer Studio Professional:
  • Verification of expected DUT behavior
  • Development of CAN, LIN and MOST device simulations based on generated code
  • Model development without hardware (Virtual Mode)
  • Negative testing


  • Trace View/Detail View
    • Data capture of CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, MOST, INICnet™ 50utp and Ethernet traffic with a common time base (if supported by HW)
    • Catalog information for selected messages in Detail View
    • Absolute and difference time or relative to a reference
    • Multi-message selection
    • Layout of columns can be configured
    • Column widths can be adjusted
    • Layout can be stored
    • Signals can be used as columns
  • Signal Graph
    • Visualization of signal values over time
    • Multiple axes
  • Activities View
    • Graphical programming capabilities for message injection: Send Message, wait for message, loops, delays
    • HW Transmitter for OptoLyzer MOCCA devices
    • Relay control
    • Switching schedule tables (LIN)
    • Wake up/go to sleep (LIN)
    • MOST Stress
  • Filter View
    • Filter creation with drag and drop as well as text entry
    • Coloring of messages in trace view according to filter conditions
    • Regex for string signals in payload
  • Disassembly View with PDU support
  • Hex and Bit Dump View with signal coloring
  • Tiles View
  • Analysis Framework
    • AVTP Stream Extraction (h.264, MPEG-TS, WAV)
    • RTP Stream Extraction (h.264, WAV)
    • Security Log Data Analyzer
    • MOST Isochronous Stream Extraction
    • MOST Synchronous Stream Extraction
    • MOST HDCP Key Exchange
  • Device Manager

Bus System Support

  • Ethernet/Internet
    • Decoding of AVB, AVTP, TCP/IP, SOME/IP
    • Activities for UDP and TCP Send/Receive
    • Port/protocol mapping
  • CAN
    • DBC viewer
    • Bitrate/sample point configuration (the latter only with OptoLyzer MOCCA devices)
    • Replay (trace can be changed: timestamp and sequence of messages)
    • Busload indicator
  • LIN
    • Spy, Slave, Master acc. to V2.2A
    • LDF editor
  • FlexRay
    • Message send/receive
    • Capture of cycle start event in trace
  • MOST
    • Node and Timing Master support
    • Synchronous data, MEP, AMS, CMS spy
    • MHP (disassembly and sending)
    • MDP
    • PMP v2
    • Visualization of central registry/MOST Network Explorer
    • Report of allocation changes in allocation table
    • Catalog viewer
    • Virtual MOST (including code generation)
  • INICnet™ 50utp
    • Control, Packet, Ethernet and System Data Spy

Catalog Formats

  • ARXML (versions 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3)
  • FIBEX(FlexRay 3.1, SOME/IP 4.1)
  • MOST Catalog
  • Franca IDL/Deployment File (incl. editor)
  • Mapping of catalog files to channels (allows to use multiple catalog files)

Trace File Formats

  • OLSLOG (OptoLyzer Studio format)
  • BLF (CAN, LIN, Ethernet, FlexRay, import and export)
  • PCAP/PCAPNG (Ethernet, import and export)
  • ASC File (import (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet) and export (CAN, Ethernet))
  • IMG (OptoLyzer Suite format for MOST, import and export)
  • K2LLOG (ATS, import and export)
  • CSV export


  • Authentication messages send/receive
  • Analysis (freshness value and MAC)

Supported Hardware

  • Entry devices
  • OptoLyzer MOCCA Family
    • Time-sync (selection of master, slave, standalone)
    • Trigger output (pulse and signal change with activity)
    • Line In/Out (Audio Streaming over MOST)
    • S/PDIF In/Out (Audio Streaming over MOST)
  • Espresso T1S™
  • INICnet™ 50utp Sniffer
  • Network Adapter (via WinPCAP10)
  • Kvaser Leaf Light v2/Pro HS v2
  • MCHP CAN Bus Analyzer and LIN Serial Analyzer
  • Totalphase Beagle Analyzer USB 480/Analyzer I2C/SPI
  • Kvaser devices
    • Leaf Light v2
    • Leaf Pro HS v2
    • Leaf Professional LIN
    • USBcan Pro 2xHS v2
    • Hybrid Pro 2xCAN/LIN
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These examples show how to access OptoLyzer MOCCA hardware interfaces from within custom C# programs with the help of the K2L.Bus API. K2L.Bus is part of the OptoLyzer Studio installation.