OptoLyzer® Studio Professional

The Universal Multi-Bus Network Development Tool
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The OptoLyzer Studio Professional Edition is a comprehensive test tool enabling high-quality testing and simulation of automotive devices and systems. It integrates all anaylsis and verification features of the OptoLyzer Studio Foundation and includes a test framework as well as a Code Generator for adding own test code and simulation purposes. The software is compatible with the state-of-the-art development environment Microsoft Visual Studio®. The Professional Edition integrates the debugging capabilities and productivity enhancements of Visual Studio on automotive bus systems and applications. It enables simple creation of device simulations and tests. Users can start testing in early development stages without a steep learning curve on automotive infotainment and field bus solutions.
  • In it´s previous version the feature set to simulation and test devices as well as systems is supported for MOST, CAN and LIN networks.
  • Comprehensive Message Tracing with OptoLyzer Studio Viewer GUI Application
    • Data capture of CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, MOST and Ethernet based systems in one solution with a synchronous time stamp.
    • A Trace View neatly arranges the messages of the different bus systems.
    • A Detail View displays catalog information with all relevant information of selected messages.
    • A Signal Graph visualizes signals over the course of time.
    • An Activity View offers graphical programming capabilities for message injection and the definition of complex procedures
    • A Device Manager View provides the functionality to manage connected devices and configure the state of all supported buses.
    • Drag`n`drop options offer a fast way to move and copy elements, like signals or filters, from one window to another and therewith help to increase productivity.
  • Easy Code Generation with the Application Generator (MAG.ATS)
    • Upload and import specifications.
    • Integrate notes and comments from the device specification into the corresponding C# code
    • Generate .NET assemblies based on the imported and modified function catalog
  • Test Script Framework to Speed-up Development
  • Expandability allows to connect K2L solutions with own hardware/software or with 3rd party solutions.
    Typical applications include:
    • Verification of expected DUT behavior
    • Development possible without need for connected Hardware (Virtual Mode)
    • CAN, LIN and MOST device simulation, well-suited for head units
    • Negative testing
    • Complete object model creation for different automotive networks
    • Write application logic testing
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OptoLyzer Studio Professional
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These examples show how to access OptoLyzer MOCCA hardware interfaces from within custom C# programs with the help of the K2L.Bus API. K2L.Bus is part of the OptoLyzer Studio installation.
Contains OptoLyzer Studio (V1.5.1), K2L USB Driver (V9.5.8.0), Firmware (V4.15.03.39), LAN FW (V2.0.2.0) and Flasher (V6.3.2).