MOST150 E-O Converter Duplex

Comprehensive EMC Testing for MOST Devices
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The MOST150 E-O Converter Duplex is a set of two devices assisting in isolating a MOST150 coax DUT operating on MOST150 Coax Full Duplex physical layer during a functional EMC/ESD network test by converting the electrical MOST physcial layer into an optical physical layer network and vica versa.

One MOST150 E-O Converter device is connected electrically to the MOST network devices outside of the EMC test chamber (this MOST150 E-O Converter is connected to a power supply and automatically charges the rechargeable batteries that are assembled inside) while the other MOST150 E-O Converter is connected electrically to the MOST network DUT inside the chamber. The network is completed when an optical connection is made between the two MOST150 E-O Converters.

With that setup the Full Blown EMC/ESD tests can be performed against the DUT while another device that is not fully EMC robust can be operated outside the EMC test chamber.

The major features of the MOST150 E-O Converter Duplex include:

  • Conversion between MOST electrical cPHY Full Duplex network signals and optical physical layer network signals
  • Minimal influence on MOST electrical cPHY network messages
  • Protection of stimulus equipment from harsh test environment in the EMC chamber
  • Optical interface operable at lengths up to 40 m
  • Aluminium enclosure with battery power supply to reduce emissions and imporve immunity
  • On-board battery charger circuit
  • Simultaneous battery charging and powering of the device
  • Low battery indicator
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MOST150 E-O Converter Duplex