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Integrative Analysis Software
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OptoLyzer Suite is the graphical user interface used for testing and analyzing a MOST® network. OptoLyzer Suite can operate offline using a dongle; or online, connected via an OptoLyzer MOCCA compact to a real MOST Network. A few highlights:
  • Easy to use GUI for all OptoLyzer MOCCA compact devices and the OptoLyzer G2
  • Multiple analysis capabilities (Viewer, Graph, Recorder, Watch)
  • Comprehensive filter, trigger, and colorizing features
  • Many software extensions available
For data analysis and the management of analysis tools.
  • Fully customizable viewer to display and analyze MOST® network data
    • Interpretation of data in graphs
    • Watch list for displaying latest Events
    • Extensive trigger and filter options
  • Complete software platform to control K2L´s analysis hardware devices
    • Sending, receiving, and recording of control messages and packet data
    • Device configuration and control with MOST Interface Control
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OptoLyzer Suite Software Only
MOST Network Analysis
This free tutorial describes basic configuration and usage of OptoLyzer Suite software in conjunction with OptoLyzer MOCCA compact. The tutorial comes along with an aligned general syntax tree and a sample MOST-trace which is discussed thoroughly. Using detailed step-by-step descriptions, the tutorial presents how to send and receive control messages, monitor audio data, perform basic analysis (e.g. filter, trigger, colors, comments), and how to record MOST traces. The sixth chapter, 'Advanced Analysis', covers several typical conditions in the network and thoroughly explains their background as well as it describes how to identify them: network start-up, bandwidth allocation, segmented messages, low level retries, device going through a hardware reset, device going to Protected Mode, shutdown sequence.Note:Â This tutorial can also be booked as a live training, called 'MOST Network Analysis Lab'.
OptoLyzer Suite SoftwareV01.14.00
Notes: Please install the OptoLyzer® Components software (link below) before you start the OptoLyzer Suite software the first time. The OptoLyzer Suite software contains a free viewer mode.
OptoLyzer ComponentsV03.02.11
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