OptoLyzer® Studio

The Universal Multi-Bus Network Development Tool
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The OptoLyzer Studio provides a comprehensive tool set to cover the complete process of automotive development cycles. With a single tool that supports all widespread automotive buses, OptoLyzer Studio serves the need of designers, developers, testers and system integrators required to bring sophisticated automotive systems to market in a timely manner.
Tailored software editions assure to have the right capabilities and to support all customer specific use cases. Therefore, each software edition includes a different set of components as shown below:
Entry Edition Foundation Edition Runtime Edition Professional Edition
Logging x x x
Trace View x x x x
Advanced Trace View x x
Graphical Views x x x
Message Trigger x x x
Advanced Message Generation x x
Filtering x x x x
Code Generation x
Use Generated Code x x x
Debugging x x x
Multi Device Support x x x
Supported HW devices (K2L and Microchip) MCHP CAN Bus Analyzer LIN Serial Analyzer OptoLyzer MOCCA Family OptoLyzer MOCCA Family OptoLyzer MOCCA Family
  • Entry Edition: offers the opportunity to analyze the traffic on one CAN or LIN channel by combining the OptoLyzer Studio GUI either with a Microchip CAN Bus Analyzer or a LIN Serial Analyzer.
  • Foundation Edition: provides all capabilities for testing and analyzing network traffic over leading-edge bus systems integrated in the car.
  • Runtime Edition: provides the functionality to run and execute developed test code, scripts and simulations.
  • Professional Edition: integrates the complete feature set including the OptoLyzer Studio GUI, a Code Generator and the possibility to combine own test code with the OptoLyzer Studio Test Framework.
There is also a free of charge variant of the OptoLyzer Studio available that allows viewing of existing files without any hardware support. To use this version just download the OptoLyzer Studio software without activating a license key.