Automotive Test System Runtime Edition

Improving Testing and Simulation Productivity
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Automotive Test System MOST150 Runtime Edition is a tool variant to run and execute developed test code and scripts for CAN, MOST150 and LIN applications. The package consists of the OptoLyzer MOCCA compact tester hardware and the Automotive Test System Runtime PC software with the K2L Viewer. The delivery includes power and MOST cables, firmware, drivers and product documentation. A Code Generator and a Debugger is not part of this edition.
    • Comprehensive Message Tracing With K2L Viewer Application
      • Trace incoming and outgoing messages on CAN and MOST and display their bus status
      • Disassembly of CAN, LIN and MOST messages based on information provided by a specification
      • Set-up and trigger the immediate transmission of messages to the connected automotive field bus
      • Send messages with custom payload settings or structures
      • Analyze MOST control and packet data with integrated Spy functionality
      • Display the MOST central registry
      • Show external and internal FBlocks
      • Route audio data
      • For MOST bus applications: Network Master support
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Product NameOrdering Number
ATS Runtime MOST50e
ATS Runtime MOST150o
ATS Runtime MOST150c
ATS Runtime Software Only
CAN Breakout Cable
CAN Termination Resistor
Product Flyer
Automotive Test System
OptoLyzer MOCCA compact V3.1V01.00.XX
Multi Bus Hardware Interface Technical Feature Sheet
User Manual
MOCCA compact V2.3 Blinking Code DescriptionV02.03.00
LED blinking code of the MOCCA device
MOCCA compactV02.03.00
This user manual provides conceptual information about the MOCCA compact 2.3and describes its fundamental operation.
K2L Viewer
Description of how to use the viewer graphical user interface.
OptoLyzer MOCCA compact V3.1 User ManualV03.01.00
This user manual provides conceptual information about the MOCCA compact 3.1 and describes its fundamental operation.
This user manual provides conceptual information about the K2L Automotive Test System and describes the usage of the graphical user interfaces as well as the additional link libraries running on a host computer. The manual includes an installation guide and a “Getting Started” section.
Update FileV04.06.01
USB DriverV09.05.07
ATS SoftwareV01.11.13
ZIP Package including all components, drivers, and firmware.