OptoLyzer® MOCCA Premium Bundle

Cost-Effective, Ready-to-Use MOST® Network Analysis Package
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K2L offers the OptoLyzer MOCCA Premium Bundle incorporating popular MOST network analysis tools, performing high-level MOST network analysis. The OptoLyzer MOCCA Premium Bundle consists of the following components:
  • Hardware interface: OptoLyzer MOCCA compact
  • PC software: OptoLyzer Suite (including OptoLyzer components)
  • Software plug-ins:
    • MOST Radar
    • INIC Remote Viewer
    • MOST RapidControl
Beginning with exploration of the MOST network on a system level, each node and its behavior can be analyzed on a detail level by viewing node specific properties, methods and INIC Configuration String entries. Network analysis is just one of the functions the OptoLyzer MOCCA Premium Bundle is designed for. Another feature of this package is that everything needed to set-up a test and development application is provided, in addition to the ability to run tests automatically. The OptoLyzer MOCCA Premium Bundle includes the following components:

OptoLyzer Suite is the graphical user interface  used for testing and analyzing a MOST® network. OptoLyzer Suite can operate offline using a dongle; or online, connected via an OptoLyzer MOCCA compact to a real MOST Network. For data analysis and the management of analysis tools.
  • Hardware
    • Compact multibus hardware interface
    • Functionality: spy, node and stress
    • Simple firmware update with the K2L Flasher software
  • Fully customizable viewer to display and analyze MOST® network data
    • Interpretation of data in graphs
    • Watch list for displaying latest Events
    • Extensive trigger and filter options
  • Complete software platform to control K2L´s analysis hardware devices
    • Sending, receiving, and recording of control messages and packet data
    • Device configuration and control with MOST Interface Control

MOST Radar

MOST Radar allows to focus on the entire system's network topology. Its graphical interface displays all devices in the network and helps to interpret the function blocks and their real locations. Checking the network configuration, verifying node properties and inspecting allocation status, breaks the network topology analysis down to a node's behavior.

INIC Remote Viewer

Another, advanced level of network analysis can be performed by the INIC Remote Viewer. This tool provides a detached gateway for monitoring an INIC's socket and connection management. Properties and states of FBlock NetBlock and FBlock INIC, typically only accessible through the Debug Header, can be visualized at a particular time. Reading the INIC Configuration String completes FBlock analysis.

MOST Rapid Control

MOST RapidControl offers a rapid prototyping tool to develop and run Human Machine Interfaces on a standard PC, and can replace a head unit unless a target unit is not available. With its powerful scripting language, MOST Rapid Control is perfect for test automation purposes.
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