MOST® PCI Tool Kit

High Performance MOST Platform for Multiple Development Scenarios
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The MOST PCI Tool Kit helps to evaluate and test multiple tasks during the development process of a MOST device or a MOST system with a standard PC. The PCI Interface covers these important tasks:
  • Programming platform for MOST applications in the early design phase
  • Device simulation of any MOST device during test and verification
  • Comprehensive test device in the verification phase
  • End-of-line-test-system in production phase offering test automation capabilities
  • INIC-based MOST network interface
  • High-speed PCI real-time interface (32-bit, 33 MHz PC interface to PCI system bus)
  • MOST network interface with twisted pair, optical fiber or coaxial connector
  • Data recovery in ‘All Bypass Mode’
  • PCI master/slave bus arbiter functions
  • Control and packet data via I2C™ and MediaLB®
  • Access to real-time streaming transfer, packet data transport and control message service for MOST networks
  • Concurrent multimedia sourcing and sinking MOST Stream GUI
  • Video support for MPEG4 transport streams
  • Diagnosis and configuration tools
  • Drivers for standard Windows® multimedia software to stream data across the MOST network
  • Ethernet-style networking via MOST Ethernet Packets and the Packet Data Channel
  • MOST Base API for user-specific applications
  • Drivers available for Windows 7
Ordering Information
Product NameOrdering Number
MOST PCI Toolkit 50e
MOST PCI Toolkit 150o
MOST PCI Toolkit 150c (only dual simplex available)
PCI Tool Kit PackageV04.03.00.4
Contains all installers, documentation and MOST Stream. As the K2L Flasher is included in the file as well, the Update Stick Generator is no longer needed.
Update Stick Generator
Use the utility to prepare a USB stick for updating (flashing) your MOST® PCI Tool Kit. The utility downloads the latest firmware version (or reloads an earlier FW) and configures a USB stick for the MOST® PCI Tool Kit. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 SP2 or higher needed. The USB Stick will be formatted!