OptoLyzer® Studio Entry

Flexible Entry Level Analysis Tool for INICnet™ 50utp, CAN and LIN
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The OptoLyzer Studio Entry Edition offers the opportunity to analyze the traffic on INICnet™ 50utp, one CAN or LIN channel by combining the OptoLyzer Studio GUI either with an INICnet™ 50utp Sniffer, Microchip CAN BUS Analyzer or a LIN Serial Analyzer. The software represents a complete entry level solution for CAN or LIN bus analyses with K2L´s, Microchips or also 3rd party hardware interfaces. The graphical user interface of the software eases the work with the CAN BUS Analyzer (one at a time) and comes with a great number of features that enable hassle-free analyses of CAN/LIN e. g. a Trace View with live logging, message injection and filtering. The software is conveniently activated with the help of a USB license stick.



  • Trace View/Detail View
  • Data capture of CAN and LIN
  • Catalog information for selected messages in Detail View
  • Absolute and difference time or relative to a reference
  • Multi-message selection
  • Layout of columns can be configured
  • Column widths can be adjusted
  • Layout can be stored
  • Signals can be used as columns
  • Signal Graph
  • Visualization of signal values over time
  • Multiple axes
  • Activities View
  • Graphical programming capabilities for message injection: Send Message, wait for message, loops, delays
  • Filter View
  • Filter creation with drag and drop as well as text entry
  • Coloring of messages in trace view according to filter conditions
  • Regex for string signals in payload
  • Hex and Bit Dump View with signal coloring
  • Tiles View
  • Device Manager

Bus System Support

  • CAN
    • DBC viewer
    • Replay (trace can be changed: timestamp and sequence of messages)
    • Busload indicator
  • LIN
    • Spy, Slave, Master acc. to V2.2A
    • LDF editor
  • INICnet™ 50utp
    • Control, Packet, Ethernet and System Data Spy

Trace File Formats

  • OLSLOG (OptoLyzer Studio format)
  • BLF (CAN, LIN, Ethernet, FlexRay, import and export)
  • PCAP/PCAPNG (Ethernet, import and export)
  • ASC File (import (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet) and export (CAN, Ethernet))
  • IMG (OptoLyzer Suite format for MOST, import and export)
  • K2LLOG (ATS, import and export)
  • CSV export

Supported Hardware

  • MCHP CAN Bus Analyzer and LIN Serial Analyzer
  • INICnet™ 50utp Sniffer

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OptoLyzer Studio Entry
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These examples show how to access OptoLyzer MOCCA hardware interfaces from within custom C# programs with the help of the K2L.Bus API. K2L.Bus is part of the OptoLyzer Studio installation.
Contains OptoLyzer Studio (V1.7.1), K2L USB Driver (V9.6.1.0), OptoLyzer MOCCA Firmware (V4.16.03.14) and Flasher (V6.3.2).