OptoLyzer® Studio

The Universal Multi-Bus Network Development Tool


Areas of Application

The idea behind K2L´s new and state-of-the-art software generation OptoLyzer Studio is to provide the automotive market with a single solution that includes all required capabilities for simulation and test as well as for deep system analysis for all common networks of a car environment.

Tailored software editions assure to have the right capabilities and to support all customer specific use cases. Therefore, each software edition includes a different set of components as shown below:

  Entry Edition Foundation Edition Professional Edition
OptoLyzer Studio GUI OK OK OK
Device Manager OK OK OK
Code Generator     OK
Test Framework     OK

Entry Edition: offers the opportunity to analyze the traffic on one CAN or LIN channel by combining the OptoLyzer Studio GUI either with a Microchip CAN Bus Analyzer or a LIN Serial Analyzer.

Foundation Edition: provides all capabilities for testing and analyzing network traffic over leading-edge bus systems integrated in the car.

Professional Edition: integrates the complete feature set including the OptoLyzer Studio GUI, a Code Generator and the possibility to combine own test code with the OptoLyzer Studio Test Framework.

There is also a free of charge variant of the OptoLyzer Studio available that allows viewing of existing files without any hardware support.
To use this version just download the OptoLyzer Studio software without activating a license key.


Flexibility meets Innovation

Automotive engineers are continually grappling with challenges such as shorter development cycles and higher design complexity. This is our motivation to bring the new OptoLyzer Studio software to the market. It offers users a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool chain that addresses the aforementioned issues and performs as needed, every time, for all applications and use cases within every major automotive network.
The universal OptoLyzer Studio software reduces complexity and cost and shortens time-to-market for all activities related to test and simulation and covers all requirements for conducting analysis and verification, helping to ensure quality from the earliest design stages. In addition to supporting all major automotive buses, the .NET-based tool leverages cost-effective open technologies that allow customized extensions, making it the most flexible option to the automotive industry.

Product Benefits

  • One software to support the complete development process from early design phase to end-of-line testing.
  • Capabilities for simulation and test as well as for deep system analysis for all networks.
  • Brand new and modern software GUI based on the state-of-the-art .NET technology.
  • Open and flexible approach to allow open and common file formats.
  • Expandability allows to connect K2L solutions with own hardware/ software or with 3rd party solutions.

Stages of the V-Model Development Process Covered by OptoLyzer Studio


  Entry Edition Foundation Edition Professional Edition
Logging OK OK OK
Trace View OK OK OK
Advanced Trace View   OK OK
Graphical Views   OK OK
Message Trigger OK OK OK
Advanced Message Generation   OK OK
Filtering   OK OK
Virtualization     OK
Code Generation     OK
Debugging & Execution     OK
Supported HW devices
(K2L and Microchip)

CAN Bus Analyzer

OptoLyzer MOCCA Family

OptoLyzer MOCCA Family

OptoLyzer Studio GUI

The OptoLyzer Studio main GUI includes a state-of-the-art software concept that is based on .NET technology. This component is more than a pure viewer application since it assures powerful monitoring capabilities in traces as well as in graphs next to an Activity section where users can create own tasks by generating messages and setting bookmarks.

The intuitive ribbon concept facilitates easy access to the available functions of the OptoLyzer Studio so that steep learning curves are a thing of the past. Dockable windows add clarity and tidiness.

The Trace View, the Signal Graph, the Activity View as well as the Filter View are the centerpieces of the new software. The Trace View neatly arranges the messages of the different bus systems. The Signal Graph visualizes signals over the course of time. This fosters the understanding of what is going on in the system – not just for visually inclined people. Messages can be injected into the considered system with the help of the Activity View. In fact, the Activity View offers a kind of graphical programming capabilities, i.e. it allows the definition of complex procedures even with special timing behavior inside the GUI.

Software GUI

Trace View

Signal Graph

The OptoLyzer Studio Software GUI provides further advantages:

  • Unlimited size of log files.
  • Expandability assures to combine the software with K2L and Microchip interfaces, with own hardware or with 3rd party solutions.
  • Drag`n`drop options offer a fast way to move and copy elements, like signals or filters, from one window to another and therewith help to increase productivity.
  • A Detail View displays catalog information with all relevant information of selected messages.
  • Different message properties can be displayed.

Device Manager

The Device Manager View provides the functionality to manage connected devices and configure the state of all supported buses. It is part of the OptoLyzer Studio GUI and enables users to activate or deactivate connected devices, change transceiver status and regulate bit rates of the respective networks.

Device Manager View


The OptoLyzer Studio provides a comprehensive tool set to cover the complete process of automotive development cycles. With a single tool that supports all widespread automotive buses, OptoLyzer Studio serves the need of designers, developers, testers and system integrators required to bring sophisticated automotive systems to market in a timely manner. The software can be combined with K2L, Microchip and also 3rd party hardware development tools for devices and systems which enable data communication over leading-edge automotive networks such as CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay® and MOST®.

The OptoLyzer Studio is a new software generation to enable all relevant use cases:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Connecting field bus networks
  • Device simulation
  • Rest bus simulation
  • Testing
  • Network analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Tracing
  • Performing stress tests



  • Compact multibus hardware interface
  • Functionality: spy, node and stress
  • Interface for:
    • Application tests
    • Simulation
    • Verification
    • Gateway application
  • Simple firmware update with the K2L Flasher software


  • Six CAN buses with high or low-speed transceiver or single wire CAN (two CAN selectable)
  • Six LIN buses
  • MOST25, MOST50 or MOST150 (optional)
  • S/PDIF coaxial input and output for audio streaming over MOST®
  • Analog audio input and headphone output for audio streaming over MOST
  • ECL support / trigger interface
  • FlexRay™ (optional)
  • Ethernet standard interface with 10/100 Mbit/s
  • Relay to switch external loads of up to 5A
  • USB 2.0 port for client PC connection



Technical Feature Sheet - OptoLyzer® MOCCA compact
690.64 KB
17 Dec 2015
Multi Bus Hardware Interface
User Manual - OptoLyzer® Studio
13.87 MB
14 Nov 2016
This user manual provides conceptual information about the K2L OptoLyzer Studio and describes the usage of the graphical user interfaces. The manual includes an installation guide and a “Getting Started” section.
Examples - K2L.Bus
1.83 MB
17 Mar 2016
These examples show how to access OptoLyzer MOCCA hardware interfaces from within custom C# programs with the help of the K2L.Bus API. K2L.Bus is part of the OptoLyzer Studio installation.

Hardware Manuals

User Manual - OptoLyzer MOCCA Blinking Code Description
154.58 KB
24 Jun 2014
LED blinking code of the MOCCA device
User Manual - OptoLyzer MOCCA compact V3.1 User Manual
601.01 KB
14 Nov 2016
This user manual provides conceptual information about the MOCCA compact 3.1
and describes its fundamental operation.

Software and Components

Software - OptoLyzer Studio
189.39 MB
14 Nov 2016
ZIP Package including all components and firmware.
Firmware - Firmware Update File
9.85 MB
14 Nov 2016
Software - K2L Flasher Utility
5.5 MB
14 Nov 2016

Ordering Information

The OptoLyzer Studio is available as

ProductOrder No.
Entry Edition OptoLyzer Studio Entry B10443
Foundation Edition OptoLyzer Studio Foundation CL B10444
Foundation Edition OptoLyzer Studio Foundation CLF B10445
Foundation Edition OptoLyzer Studio Foundation compact B10446

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ProductOrder No.
USB License Stick X13545
Adaption Kit XK1018
Termination Resistors XK1020

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