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K2L is a provider of development tools for devices which enable data communication over leading-edge automotive networks such as CAN, FlexRay™, LIN and MOST®. K2L's experienced and knowledgeable team provides a wide variety of solutions to fully support the standard V-model software development process used in the design of automotive electronic control units (ECU). K2L can assist with all phases of the design process including rapid prototyping, embedded device development, ready-to-run test solutions and highly-productive test environments. To further assist with product development, K2L offers software components, engineering services, training modules and workshops, and technical support.

K2L contribution to August 2016 edition of the CAN in Automation (CiA) Newsletter

The OptoLyzer MOCCA family is K2L's product line of automotive bus interfaces. Reaching from the OptoLyzer MOCCA CL with six CAN and six LIN interfaces to the OptoLyzer MOCCA compact devices with six standard CAN, six LIN, one FlexRay, and one MOST interface, the OptoLyzer MOCCA family offers solutions for different usage scenarios.

Welcome to Microchip at the Connected Car Japan Show

Microchip: A Partner in Your Automotive Success
January 13-15 (Wed-Fri), 2016
Tokyo Big Sight
Visit Microchip to learn how our safety connectivity and HMI solutions contribute to the advancement of
intelligence throughout the vehicle.

OptoLyzer Studio and OptoLyzer MOCCA CL


CAN (Controller Area Network) has been an ISO standard for over 20 years and is still one of the most prominent automotive network technologies today. It can also be found in a large variety of application domains outside of automotive like industrial, building technology and medical. This video will explain CAN fundamentals and show a practical example that is analyzed with the help of development tools from K2L.

K2L at CAN FD Tech Days

CAN FD (CAN with flexible data rate) was introduced to the public by Bosch in March 2012. The first CAN FD Tech Day took place in Detroit (USA) in October 2012. Since then the one-day event has provided information about the CAN FD protocol and its applications in automotive and other industries. K2L used the opportunity to show their CAN FD demonstrators and products during the exhibtion.

The complete program can be found under the link below:

K2L at CAN FD Tech Days

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Analyzing and Stimulating CAN with OptoLyzer® Studio and OptoLyzer® MOCCA CL

CAN (Controller Area Network) has become an ISO standard more than 20 years ago yet is still one of the most prominent automotive network technologies today and it will remain important for the foreseeable future. Today it can even be found in a large variety of application domains outside of automotive like industrial, building technology and medical!
Even though CAN has been stable for a long time, the tooling has not. In fact, with this webinar we would like to introduce you to the OptoLyzer® Studio software and the OptoLyzer® MOCCA CL hardware interface that in combination start a new era with respect of convenience, efficiency and modernity of CAN development tools. More...

Automotive Network Designers Reduce Complexity and Speed Development With K2L’s New-Generation OptoLyzer® Studio Software Optimized for CAN and LIN

Multi-Bus, Single-Software Tool Supports Complete Development Process from Early Design Phase to End-of-line Testing With Modern GUI Based on .NET Technology

Karlsruhe, Germany, Sept. 9, 2015 — K2L GmbH & Co. KG, today announced the latest version of its OptoLyzer® Studio software development tool, which enables automotive CAN and LIN network development with reduced complexity, cost and time for designers, testers and system integrators. This modern and easy-to-use .NET-based tool leverages cost-effective system and device development, allowing the use of common file formats and offering users the opportunity to create software extensions by adding their own functionality.

Microchip Automotive Innovation Day - 24th September 2015

In April 2015 Microchip Technology and K2L proudly opened its new "Automotive Innovation Center", based at the international high-tech location, Technologie Park Karlsruhe (TPK).

We would like to invite you to the first Microchip Automotive Innovation Day where we will present you with trendsetting and innovative Automotive Technologies.

K2L Automotive Connectivity Demo


The Automotive Connectivity Demo was developed to a simulate an automotive distributed system based on CAN, LIN and MOST®. It shows the strength of the K2L solution Automotive Test System (ATS) working together with Microchip´s communication and connectivity products and technologies. The demo is operated entirely touchless, implementing Microchip’s GestIC® technology.

Free Webinar: High-Level Automotive Test and Simulation with ATS and C#/.NET, May 21

C# is one of the most popular programming languages today that is used in many different application domains. Modern, simple but yet expressive and therefore efficient - these are just some of the properties that are attributed to the language. Wouldn't it be awesome to develop tests and simulations for interconnected automotive devices and systems in C# and because of this boost efficiency?

K2L's Automotive Connectivity Demo @ HMI & Connectivity, Frankfurt, May 12-13

The Automotive Connectivity Demo was just recently designed to showcase a simulation of an automotive distributed system that is based on CAN, LIN and MOST. It shows the strength of the K2L solution Automotive Test System (ATS) together with some mainstream Microchip products and technologies, like GestIC®.

Free Webinar: Development of Audio/Video Applications for Infotainment Systems

MOST PCI Tool Kit as Programming and Emulation Platform for MOST

The MOST PCI Tool Kit provides a high speed connection between a PC and a MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) network. It can operate as timing master or timing slave in the MOST network and enables access to real-time Audio/Video streaming transfers with unprecedented convenience. For customer-specific functionality, the kit offers user-friendly Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Do you want to experience how easy it is to access MOST with the MOST PCI Tool Kit? Are you engaged in rapid emulation/prototyping/development of MOST streaming devices? Then this free web session is for you!

K2L’s Automotive Test System is an All-in-One Test, Simulation, Analysis and Verification Tool for Every Major Automotive Bus System

Automotive Test System’s Multi-Bus Support Includes CAN, LIN, FlexRay® and MOST® Network Development With One Combined Hardware and Software Tool

Karlsruhe, Germany, Aug. 19, 2014 — K2L GmbH & Co. KG, today announced its Automotive Test System (ATS), which is a singular hardware and software tool that supports all of the major automotive busses for all of the activities related to test and simulation, such as rest bus simulation, device simulation, testing during system development and rapid prototyping.  ATS also covers all of the requirements for conducting analysis and verification.  By combining all of these functions and support for the CAN, LIN, FlexRay® and MOST® networks into one tool, ATS provides the most cost-effective and flexible option to the automotive industry.  It also enables automated testing and any kind of simulation, helping to ensure quality from the earliest design stages.

Wireless Ambient Lighting Demo

One of the current trends in the automotive sector is ambient lighting, a new LED-based technology that illuminates the vehicle interior. The LEDs are arranged in a special way in door armrests, glove box covers, and other areas to effectively conceal the light source.

OptoLyzer® and MOCCA compact Unite

Flexible hardware interface OptoLyzer MOCCA compact V. 3.1 - Interlink between automotive bus networks and test PCs

The simulation, testing and verification of MOST® devices and systems can be a challenging task, especially when the device under test (DUT) needs to be physically built in complex test systems. The best solution for complete test coverage would offer a comprehensive feature set in all aspects of simulation, testing and verification delivered through a single hardware interface.

K2L at the 2013 MOST® Forum

The fifth MOST Forum took place in Stuttgart/Esslingen (Germany) on April 23, 2013. This international MOST conference and exhibition again welcomed top professionals from the automotive electronics industry and academia to exchange information and the results of their recent work. During the breaks attendees and speakers visited the exhibition area to learn about the latest MOST solutions and their implementation in new vehicle models.

New at K2L: Wireless Headlight Control Demo

The use of mobile devices continues to proliferate in a wide variety of applications. A new demonstration designed by K2L, using the control of a headlight as example, shows how new iOS-based applications can test a vehicle’s infrastructure.

Announcement from December 5, 2012

K2L GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Microsystems Corporation (“SMSC”) (which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip Technology Incorporated (“Microchip”)) hereby would like to inform you about the management buy-out of our in-vehicle real-time gateway, middleware and framework software business as well as our related consulting and support business into an independent company named CETITEC GmbH (“CETITEC”).

Latest Development: MOST® Wireless Control Unit

Embedded MCU Evaluation Board

K2L recently presented an evaluation board for wireless control of MOST devices. The unit offers a seamless bidirectional connection of tablets, smartphones or laptop devices.

Covering all phases of a development cycle

V-model development process

In today's vehicle-EE architectures distributed systems are standard. Basis of these distributed systems is the interconnection of control units via different networks such as CAN, Ethernet, FlexRay™, LIN or MOST®. The K2L tool solutions enable to connect all automotive bus systems and support testing, simulation and analysis scenarios over the whole development process.